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Our Trading Techniques Involve Everlasting Quality, Ceaseless Performance, Infinite Opportunities, and Worth-Relying Services.

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An Absolute Trade-Stage for You

We incorporate diversified trading solutions for traders of all types.

Trading & More Trading

NLVX’s suite of powerful trading platforms is designed to meet currency traders' demanding needs looking for maximum performance, flexibility, and speed.

NL Trader Broker

NL Trader platform offered by us is cent percent automated and optimized to process order functionality, rules, research & commentary, which keeps on syncing information on a real-time basis.

Precise Investments & Returns

Pick the simple or complex order types that fulfill your trading requirements through flawless execution.

Trade Through the Charts

Trading done from the charts is mostly beneficial. Do it better with our customized indicators & tools.

Powerful Trading Insights

With our fully-integrated solutions, news, automatic analytics, and trading ideas, never miss any opportunity.

Trading on Your Finger Tips

Trade on the go with the help of our entirely responsive website & app. Buck up and be ready to spot chances in favor.


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