What is an IB (Introducing Broker)?

IBs or Introducing Brokers can be defined as individual brokers or companies throughout the world that earn profits by introducing new traders to NLVX. As a gesture of gratitude, NLVX offers blissful commissions to the Introducing Brokers for referring traders.

The process of becoming an Introducing Broker includes several perks. Just by going through a super-easy procedure of signing up for free, an Introducing Broker can earn more and more with time. NLVX allows an IB to work remotely from anywhere in the world, anytime. All you require to do is to refer new traders directly to NLVX, explain the live account opening process to them, make them understand the perks of becoming an NLVX trader.

Reasons to Become an Introducing Broker with NLVX

Earn $4-$15 per lot on Key, Prime and Exclusive accounts.
Earn commissions even after any Metals or FX trade performed by your referral.
Suggest your referrals to open a Master account with NLVX to benefit from a 5% discount on the commission.
Utilize NLVX’s all-advanced and automated account & fund management tools & services.
Get access to an extensive range of NLVX-made advertising material and e-brochures to invite new traders efficiently.
Give yourself an opportunity to work with a broker offering utmost transparency and honesty.

How Does the NLVX IB-Process Work?


Begin attracting new traders with the help of NLVX’s advertising material.


Introduce new traders to NLVX via your unique trader’s number.


Gain real-time profits & commissions as your referrals trade with NLVX.


Keep track of the traders you referred via NLVX’s safe IB Portal.

How to Enroll for
Becoming an IB with NLVX?


Sign Up

Register yourself as an IB by providing all the necessary details & trading expertise.



Sign in to your profile, and verify your given details, as well as Proof of Identity & Address.


Activate & Invite

Activate your IB account, and begin inviting new traders with NLVX’s marketing material.


Make Profits

Earn commissions as your referred traders trade with NLVX depending on their Account Type.

How much will I make?

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