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At NLVX, we pledge to keep our costs lower throughout the competitive spreads and while performing high-quality trade operations. After investing many precious years in the sector of investments, technology, and trading, we now own an extensive network of liquidity partners and brokers. It enables us to offer tight and beneficial spreads, even in adverse market conditions.

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According to the demand of this ever-evolving era, we offer automated trading processes to our traders. It assists in the faster execution of your trading goals at the expected or even a better price.

Improved Pricing Goals for Limit Orders

As soon as the market flips a coin in your favor, our automated trading technology traces your savings for executing your trade investments at an improved price.

*In simple words, execution speed indicates the time taken by NLVX’s execution engine to let your trade execute in the market. In no way, it represents the time taken by the system to monitor a trader’s request to trade and confirm the same.

Why We Stand Different?

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    We Let Your Trades Rule the Market

    In this highly competitive era, we at NLVX work in a regulated environment keeping an eye on real-time trading practices and solutions. With the help of these priceless insights, we can offer quick and accurate trading opportunities to traders.

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    We Let You Go Solo but Stay at Your Back Always!

    Being a forex trading platform, we never forget our responsibility as a mediator and market maker. We remain accountable for what we offer and never outsource our tasks to a third- party organization. Let there be any issues related to pre-trading, while trading, or post-trading; we’re here to resolve them directly.


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