30% of Tradable Bonus for NLVX Traders

Are you willing to play in enormous profits while trading in Forex? Do you intend to earn much and much more than the amount you deposited initially? Do you wish to avail incredible tradable bonus while trading in currencies? If yes, then NLVX comes up with several advantageous opportunities for you. We ensure to let you enjoy your financial freedom while you’re trading with us. All you require to do is open up your trade account with NLVX and be eligible to apply for ‘30% Tradable Bonus.’ This bonus will help you generate 30% more beneficial conditions to kick-start your journey as a trader.

So, without delay, let’s check out how we fill your pocketbook with starts and more:

Here’s the process to be a part of the ‘30% Tradable Bonus’ community:

Open your trade account by choosing any of the account types.
Recharge your account with an amount either equal to or more than $100 (EUR100).
Provide us your details, and send us a request for a 30% Tradable Bonus via your registered email id.
Receive the described bonus from NLVX within 24 hours of sending the request.
Get on your marks to earn more through Forex.

The below-mentioned are some pointers related to the ‘30% Tradable Bonus’ community:

The applicant or trader agrees with all the defined terms and conditions while submitting the application to attain the bonus.
These terms & conditions can further be used officially to keep track of retirement bonuses and resolve trade-related disputes.
All the account types, Key ECN, Prime ECN, Exclusive ECN, and Master ECN, remain open while the promo can get credited with the tradable bonus of 30%.
Only the new traders/clients who opened new accounts with NLVX or performing first-time trade with the company are applicable for the tradable bonus.
If the traders don’t use the registered email id to send the request for the tradable bonus, then the request will not be considered.
The indispensable situation to get a tradable bonus defines the absence of any trade-related deals considered after replenishment & before the bonus was requested.
$100 will be the minimum deposit amount to apply for a 30% tradable bonus.

Here’s what implies for the currency pairs:

Trader account having credited bonus+30%, will not be eligible to be a part of other promotional activities & bonus offers.
The Bonus request gets proceeded within 24 hours (business hours) of the trader’s request.
Traders are eligible to refuse the full bonus amounts accrued previously.
The trader can anytime request a zero account if he/she witnesses a negative balance. Then, the balance will get reset with all the bonus funds accrued previously.
The bonus amount can’t get credited with the deposited funds through internal transfer.
The trader cannot transfer bonus funds from one account to another account.
Trade-available bonus funds are considered as equity, too (for supporting your set margin).
Bonus funds remain available to trade during the three (calendar) months beginning from the accrual date.
Bonus accrued within the bonus promo remains wholly owned by the broker itself.
NLVX owns the right to refuse any bonus credit without explaining.
NLVX has the right to cancel all the bonus funds accrued previously, without an explanation.
NLVX holds no indirect or direct responsibility for the cancellation of bonus funds.
Also, NLVX uses disregarded bonus amount for risk-management calculation.
NLVX can anytime request identification documents of an additional trader (if any).
NLVX owns the right to modify or change the existing rules without any prior notice.

Marginal Bonus

If you intend to earn higher profits and margins while performing Forex trading with NLVX, then we make it possible for you!

With the offer of Marginal Bonus, we enable our traders to earn ‘Bonus + 100%’ for every deposited amount, so that they may earn more with fewer investments.

Explore NLVX’s portal, and choose an Account Type of your choice.
Refill your existing trade account to avail yourself more and more advantages based on your deposited amount.
Enhance your deposits by 100% by submitting an application to be a part of the program ‘100% Bonus on Each Deposit I Make’ through NLVX.
Be eligible to opt for bonus + 100% Marginal Bonus, and rule the financial markets at your fingertips.

How to be a part of the “100% Bonus for Each Deposit I Make”?

1. Within the given period of the bonus program, register as well as fund a fresh account, or recharge your already registered trade account with an amount equal to USD100 or EUR100;
2. Go to “My Profile” and submit your request to apply for “100% Bonus for Each Deposit I Make”;
3. Get “Bonus + 100%” from NLVX within 24 hours of sending the request;
4. Begin working and earning more through Forex with NLVX.

The below-mentioned are some pointers related to the “100% Bonus for Each Deposit I Make”:

1. Trader should read all the given terms & conditions to receive the mentioned bonus amount. Since a trader request bonus, it indicates that he/she agrees with the described terms & conditions.
2. Bonus amount can get credited to any of the Account Types of the trader, be it Key ECN, Prime ECN, Exclusive ECN, or Master ECN.
3. Traders can see the bonus available via “My Profile.”
4. Traders cannot make any orders/transactions before requesting and then getting a 100% bonus.
5. Bonus remains available for the deposit going beyond $100 (EUR 100).
6. Total Bonus amount cannot go beyond $10000 (EUR 10000).
7. A trader can avail of 5 credited bonuses from one trade account simultaneously.
8. Bonus will get cancelled in proportion to the withdrawal balance size.
9. As an account gets credited, including a 100% bonus – the same account cannot participate in other bonus programs.
10. Bonus request will proceed within 24 business hours after its request.
11. Trader can get to request/cancel all the bonus amounts credited to his/her account.
12. Trader can either request or cancel a negative balance on his/her account. In such a case, all bonuses will be cancelled too.
13. Bonus cannot get transferred through internal transfer.
A. Bonus will get cancelled as per point 8 of the mentioned rules after performing the internal transfer.
14. Trader is allowed to trade bonuses in the form of ordinary deposits. Bonus supports your margin at the time of trading.
15. In such a case, when the balance turns negative in the trader’s live account, and the stop-out happens, then the bonus might get cancelled automatically.
16. Bonus amount remains actual within three months after the trader gets it.
17. Bonus amount remains fully broker owned-

A. NLVX owns the right to deny bonus credit without explaining.

B. NLVX owns the right to cancel all the bonus funds accrued previously without an explanation.

C. NLVX holds no indirect or direct responsibility for the cancellation of bonus funds.

D. Also, NLVX can anytime use disregarded bonus amounts for risk-management calculation.

18. NLVX can anytime request identification documents of anytime request identification documents of any trader to credit bonus amount (if any).
19. NLVX has the right to change pre-mentioned terms & conditions without explaining.
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