Why Should You Opt for NL Trader for Your Trading Operations?

NL Trader, also called NL, is an automated electronic trading platform extensively used by many online foreign currency speculative traders. It got launched over ten years ago and licensed for use by foreign exchange dealers. As it is programmed to perform certain market operations automatically, it offers several advantages over other systems. It is used to manage both long and short positions.

Some of the worth-mentioning reasons justifying the popularity of NL Trader and its preference over other trading platforms:

User Experience

NL treats users with an easy-to-operate UI, suitable for both beginners & experienced traders.


NL Trader integrates into any web-based trading firm allowing trading in CFDs, currency pairs, ad other commodities.

Expert Advisors

NL Trader offers a customizable interface that allows advisors & traders to automate their trades.


NL Trader enables efficient & quick communication between brokers & traders.

Low Resources

NL performs at a great speed and optimum rate while using minimal resources.


NL Trader comprises 129-bit encryption software, securing data transfer between traders & servers.


Live Trader


NL Trader

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can find the download link for NL Trader in the client Dashboard.

The answer is NO. NL Trader is a third-party trade platform the enables traders’ efficiency through its features. It is a trading platform that connects to a broker for FX trading.

The answer is that it's a sophisticated trading robot created by the Forex Authority team to help the everyday trader make more money from trading the foreign exchange market. NL Trader works by automatically analyzing the market and making trades based on its advanced mathematical algorithms. These associated algorithms comprise the entire scope of the trading history into consideration, which is why this software can make profitable decisions almost every time it's used.

Because the accuracy of this trading software has shown in the past, this robot has become a hit and is now being used by hundreds and thousands of traders worldwide. You don't have to be a genius or a professional trader with years of trading experience to use this software because it uses an easy to understand and simple trading format that even beginners can understand and use. Even if you've never traded in the financial markets before, you can still use this Forex trading software because it comes with a demo account that allows you to make simulated trades using real money.

There exist many reasons why you should pick NL Trader as a forex trading tool. First off, it has one of the most unique and easy to use interfaces of any program. Second, it has a great and high earning potential. Third, it has a feature that allows you to have an online demo account right at its website with NO fees. Lastly, it comes with a guide book that will walk you through the entire trading process successfully. If you are looking to start learning currency trading, then you do not want to miss this opportunity.

NL Trader is free to download tool that you can install to your system through MetaTrader’s official website. As soon as you get to access the platform via a broker, the broker company would offer you this tool for absolutely free.

There are quite a few differences between NL Trader & NL Trader. One of the first noticeable differences between these two trading robots is that NL Trader has a wider array of plugins available for use. NL Trader, on the other hand, doesn't have nearly as many pre- installed plug-ins. This is one of the biggest differences between NL Trader versus NL Trader. NL Trader uses its inbuilt software-based indicators, and it is compatible with a wide variety of different accounts and brokers.

NL Trader and Nl are that NL Trader has its in-house programming language, accessed through the NL Trader interface, while NL Trader has no such internal tool. However, NL Trader also has the advantage of being able to interface with external plug-ins that can make it more convenient and useful. Finally, NL Trader has many visual and audiovisual indicators, which NL Trader does not have. Therefore NL Trader is the better of the two platforms, and in our opinion, should always be the default trading platform for all traders.


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