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Introduction to Financial Markets - What is Foreign Exchange Market?
Introduction to Financial Markets

Introduction to Financial Markets

Here are the different types of financial markets you must know about:

What is the Capital Market?

A capital market is simply a financial marketplace where long-term equity or debt-backed securities can be purchased and sold. The major difference between a stock market and a capital market is that in the capital market, traders trade in derivatives, stocks, and commodities and bonds, while in the stock market, a particular category of the capital market, i.e., stocks are traded. Capital markets channel wealth to individuals who can best put it to good use, like governments or businesses making large long-term investments. You have to keep in mind that what is capital market is simply an investment opportunity. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

What is the Money Market?

The forex money market trades the currencies of many countries around the world. In the money market, various institutions, individuals & organizations trade financial instruments relying on short maturities & high liquidity. It implies that it’s usually performed on the short-term basis. One thing to consider when looking at the money market is the possibility that you can earn or lose a lot of money. The market is very volatile and can react greatly to even the slightest change in the economic standings of a country. If you are not very careful, you may end up losing a large amount of money. However, if you know what you are doing and can monitor the market closely, you can minimize the risks of losing too much money.

What is Foreign Exchange Market?

Forex is “foreign Exchange” or “FX.” It is the buzz word among many traders. This is because this market keeps you in touch with all the international markets round the clock. You can buy and sell currencies from all corners of the world using the internet or your preferred brokers and trading systems. The Forex market is somehow like the stock market. Instead of shares being bought and sold on a public platform, it is the trading of currencies where the price is determined by the current demand and supply of the particular currency in the global market. Forex is the largest and most liquid foreign exchange market. It involves the trade of currencies, both bought and sold. It also involves all aspects of trading, such as buying, selling, trading, and trading again.

What Happens in the Derivatives Market?

If you are not too familiar with what happens in the derivatives market, it is a market in which various products that can be anything under the sun, are traded. Commodities, financial investments such as bonds and currencies, are traded in the derivatives market. Derivatives are nothing but contracts between two or more parties that give them the right to sell or buy a certain asset at a certain date in the future. So what happens in the derivatives market is that certain commodities get valued in terms of what they could sell or buy at a particular date in the future.

Futures trading in the derivatives market basically involves speculators and what happens in the derivatives market is that these speculators use the prices of certain commodities and bonds which they believe will increase in the future to make a profit. In the derivatives market there are a number of strategies used by people who trade in this market. The strategies are based on the risk and the profit that are associated with the trading. So if you want to play in the market, then you need to understand what happens in the derivatives market and how it affects you in the long run.

What is the OTC Market?

The term “OTC” (short for Over-The-Counter) refers to the non-traditional securities markets that exist outside of traditional stock exchanges. OTC trading does not require an online trading account, because trades are made directly between brokers. This provides traders a higher degree of privacy and reduced exposure to fraud.The OTC market is an investment vehicle that has increased in popularity over the last decade. Over-the-counter trading is performed directly between two brokers, without the intervention of an electronic exchange. It is compared with regular exchange trading, which takes place through exchanges, with the added advantage of reduced liquidity.

What is the Cryptocurrency Market?

A new way of conducting online transactions has recently emerged in the “Cryptocurrency Market”. This market was created in response to the need for more efficiency and speed in the trading of currencies, and in an effort to help facilitate economic activity in Africa, Asia, and other places around the world where traditional money has traditionally been used. This method of trading does not follow the same protocols that traditional markets follow, and there are a number of reasons as to why this could be a problem. The market value of Cryptocurrencies has also fluctuated quite substantially, from highs and lows of several hundred dollars to lows and highs of several thousand dollars. This large change in value can be a problem for many investors who are looking to trade in the Cryptocurrency Market. While most traditional markets tend to have small fluctuations in value over time, the Cryptocurrency market sees large swings of several hundred percent or more.

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