Independence Day Offer


Celebrate the 76th Independence Day with our Freedom-Driven Offers!!

NLVX takes immense pride in being part of this incredible journey, and we are privileged to have you as a valued client. Your trust and loyalty have been instrumental in our growth and success, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

All the offers shall be valid from August 4th to August 31st, 2023.

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Upcoming IB Offer

Double Dhamal IB Commission

  • 1. 1000$--$4999 will get 5% Commission
  • 2. 5000$--9999 will get 10% Commission
  • 3. 10000$---19999$ will get 15% Commission
  • 4. 20000$---34999$ will get 25% Commission
  • 5. 35000$---55000$ will get 50% Commission

Term and Condition (a): Referral client should trade upto 50% then the IB referral commission can be withdrawn


Evershining Gold offer for our IB

  • 1. Deposit 5000 with complete 50 lots will get 1gm gold.
  • 2. Deposit 10000 with complete 50 lots will get 8gm gold.
  • 3. Deposit 25000 with complete 50 lots will get 15gm gold.
  • 4. Deposit 50000 with complete 50 lots will get 25gm gold.
  • 5. Deposit 100000$ with complete 1000 lot will get 50gm worth of gold.

Term and Condition (a): deposit with proper lot size completion will be applicable for the offer. And no internal transfer amount will be applicable for the offer.

Discount offer

A user will get a 5% discount on deposit of 1000$ and above. For example, if a user wants to deposit $1000 to their account, they only need to deposit $950 as 5% discount will be given by NLVX, making the final deposit amount equal to $1000.

Avail Offer

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